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      Jiangsu Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is affiliated with Klc Holdings Ltd, a subsidiary company with a registered capital of 19 million yuan.
      GBPSC trademark holder - engineer machinery (Korea) Ltd. Sino Klc Holdings Ltd is the GBPSC Department
      Column hydraulic hammer is the sole operator and service provider in the Asia Pacific region.
      Jiangsu Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the operation of service engineers and machinery in China and worldwide (Korea)
      GBPSC series hydraulic breaking hammer Co., ltd.. GBPSC with excellent quality and perfect after-sales service in the industry to form a good mouth
      Stele has become the first choice of many excavators and end users at home and abroad.
      GBPSC hydraulic hammer is based on the most advanced hydraulic manufacturing technology, and continuously meets customer needs
      "Tracking advanced introduction, digestion, vertical extension, horizontal expansion" product sales strategy, and gradually formed its own technical standards for enterprises to build
      With international competitiveness, the process machinery brand has become an international construction machinery operation service provider.