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      Chen Xingying, vice governor of Jiangsu Provincial People's government, went to Jiangsu Academy of engineering's public welfare envoy college.

      2018/8/15 15:31:00View count:6341

      On the morning of August 9, 2018, Vice Governor Chen Xingying, Chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the People's Revolution and Vice Governor of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, was at the Standing Committee, Secretary-General and United Front Department of Lianyungang Municipal Committee
      Minister Wang Dongsheng and Vice-Chairman Li Meng of the Municipal Party Committee of the People's Revolution and Vice-Chairman Ma Qiang (Deputy Director-General of the Municipal Audit Bureau) Zhao Youqing accompanied us to the People's Revolution
      The public welfare envoy visited the party members of the Kuomintang, and gave a high degree of recognition to the achievements made by the Academy.


        Chen Xingying, vice governor of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the People's Revolution of the People's Republic of China, came to Jiangsu Academy of Public Welfare Ambassadors of the Civil Revolution of Engineering Soldiers, visited the academy and was cordial
      I talked with members of the party and asked about the details of their work at ordinary times.


      Li Meng, the chief executive of the Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee, presented to Chen Xingying vice governor the details of the Academy of public welfare envoys of the Kuomintang.

            Mr. Cai Weimin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jiangsu Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Federation of Public Ambassadors and Founder of the Academy of Public Ambassadors of the Civil Revolution, personally
      Chen Xingying, vice governor and Minister Wang Dongsheng were received.


            The establishment and development history of the Committee.

             The whole group took a picture.

      The leadership's affirmation is a better direction for us to go forward. We will strive to make the Academy better.