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      The crusher hammer again exported to Africa - Uganda

      2018/6/26 17:00:00View count:6494

            Jiangsu mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. engineers crack hammer export to Uganda, Africa.

                    The weather is very hot, but the workers of the company are still meticulously doing the work of

       assembly, warehousing, acceptance and so on, as well as the strike experiment before the factory

       to ensure the best performance of the broken hammer.

             After all the inspections were completed, everyone began packing, because to exportation, and specially added wooden box packing to reduce the damage to the broken hammer during the transport process, strive for every detail as perfect as possible.

                This time it is going to be sent to Qingdao, from the port of Qingdao to Uganda, and this season, 

      Africa should be hotter than us, and our broken hammer will also have a more severe test. But I 

      believe it will never be expected!

        Good brand! Good quality! Our company accepts foreign export business, and welcome all major

       foreign trade companies and customers to negotiate with us.