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      China and the United States open a clean energy cooperation feast

      2017/11/13 9:33:00View count:3241

      Through consists of 29 executives and with the trump's visit U.S. business delegation luxury lineup, in addition to see people ge, Boeing, qualcomm and dow dupont well-known enterprises such as name, also found the first LNG export terminal developers Cheniere developers SolarReserve, tower and heat power generation technology, nuclear giant Westinghouse and sewage treatment company Viroment many new faces, such as enterprises and follow-up of as many as a quarter into clean energy. Mr Trump may want to open up a bigger window on clean energy, as China and the us disagree over traditional trade in products such as steel and aluminium.

      In the hope of a low-carbon economy, countries around the world have stepped up their efforts to develop and invest in clean energy, including hydropower, nuclear power, wind power and solar heat. According to the latest data from bloomberg new energy finance, global clean energy investment reached $182.9 billion in the first three quarters of 2017, up 2% from a year earlier. China has invested more than $68 billion in the market, accounting for 37 percent of the world's total, and China has been the top global clean-energy investment country for the fifth year in a row. According to "China's energy financial development report (2017), during the period of" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "clean energy total investment demand in China will reach 3.1 trillion RMB, including hydropower investment demand of 500 billion yuan, the solar industry demand for investment of 1 trillion yuan, 700 billion yuan, the wind power industry investment demand industry demand for investment of 450 billion yuan, biomass investment demand of 196 billion yuan, geothermal energy demand for investment of 140 billion yuan. China and India will be the world's most attractive countries for clean energy investment, according to the ernst & young report.

      And clean energy, however, colorful market background of the sharp contrast, in addition to China in the field of electric vehicles has certain technical innovation ability, shortage of other clean energy technologies is systemic. According to the report of the United Nations the Beijing office of low-carbon development, China needs more than 60 core technology to realize its reducing power, transportation, construction, steel, chemical and other major industrial carbon concentration in the field of goal, however, with 70% of the 60 a number of core technologies for the Chinese. Is due to the board on the technical ability, Chinese enterprises to develop local industry impulse subdued clean energy market, of course, to fully occupy the upper hand in the core technology of the United States left a huge commercial space. Study from the international energy agency, the report said the United States in clean energy technologies is a world leading level, especially in carbon capture, utilization and storage as well as renewable energy and nuclear energy, the United States there are at least more than half of the world's top technology control. Obviously, there are obvious complementary effects in clean energy.

      For the United States, using technology to work with China in the clean energy sector should be a bargain. On the one hand, the current us financial services accounted for 80% of industrial structure, this depends on the growth model of virtual economy risk already existing evidence by the financial crisis, it is so, after ruling trump strongly support "made in USA", and if the United States can increase clean energy technology and equipment exports to China, there is no doubt that can obtain the new engine of economic growth and the endogenous mechanism. On the other hand, America's trade deficit for China's long-standing stems mainly from its export restrictions on China's high-tech products, and according to the experts estimate that over the next 15 years of China's high-tech market annual growth rate will reach 20% ~ 40%, if the United States to ease policy, its related products exports to China could hit $60 billion, will effectively ease the sino-us trade imbalance. Not only that, but at the American enterprise for adequate equipment investment opportunities to Chinese clean energy market, the market is bound to bring American jobs expansion, such as wind turbines, there are 8000 components, need 200 tons of steel, 13 tons of glass fiber, if the United States within the wind power the most to the project cooperation agreement in China, the United States is likely to become the origin of these parts, creating huge employment space.

      It must be admitted that china-us cooperation development to obtain the benefits of clean energy in the process of China, in addition to accordingly to speed up the pace of their transformation to a low-carbon economy and forging new internal impetus driving economic growth and strengthening industry level ascending, China can also through technology introduction and absorption use increase clean energy development process, so as to reduce the cycle of the dependence on fossil fuels. Not only that, but rumors about carbon tariffs in many developed countries and economies, if Chinese enterprises through cooperation with American companies in clean energy, not only can effectively use each other's technology, strengthen their own carbon control ability, and can improve the technical standards and competitive ability of their products, so as to avoid the new market risk.

      In fact, the two sides have embedded a certain level and produced the initial series of results around the cooperation of clean energy. At the government level, the Chinese department of energy and the department of energy (doe) initiated jointly established the clean energy research center of China and the United States, and energy cooperation program of China and the United States also run for five years, which generates the China huadian group co., LTD. Jointly with the general electric company assembled finished first sets navigation type gas turbine generating unit, China power engineering group set up jointly with GE coal gasification cycle power plant investment project, etc. At the business level, Bill Gates, a terra energy companies in the United States has with China nuclear industry group development and commercial cooperation agreement signed a fourth generation nuclear power plant, and terra energy in China is expected to be completed in 2024. Similarly, semiconductor equipment maker applied materials companies in the United States in xi 'an established a large solar energy research and development center, the evergreen group established the solar panel assembly plant in wuhan, at the same time operating management co., LTD. Beijing zhongguancun street hand in hand with InTeahouse Boston vc cooperation center of science and technology to create the "Beijing, China - Massachusetts investment promotion association" the clean energy industry cooperation projects.

      It is worth pointing out that many people believe that Mr Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement means that the us government has sealed the clean energy development and construction, but it is not. As rick perry, the United States secretary of energy, trump the government will continue to push the fossil fuel and renewable power and greater development and deployment of nuclear power, and by seeking the technological progress in the field of continue to ensure that the diversity of the energy mix, high efficiency and sustainability. Give it a little more sunshine. Cooperation on clean energy, the us if you can let go of the appropriate restrictions on China's high-tech products exports, China also moderately open market investments, the two sides will jointly bake delicious cake bigger with each other.