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      ARE shenzhen 2017: creating a smart manufacturing feast

      2017/9/25 14:11:00View count:3305

      On September 19, automation and robot by shenzhen automation institute, Asia 

      association, the Hong Kong trade development exhibition group organized by the 

      "2017 shenzhen international industrial automation and robot exhibition" 

      (AREShenzhen2017) on the grand opening of the shenzhen convention and 

      exhibition center.

      As south China industrial automation and robotics industry one of the top 

      class brand exhibition, brings together well-known manufacturers in the field of 

      global industrial manufacturing, focusing on the industrial automation, robotics, 

      machine vision, and other products and intelligent manufacturing solutions.

      With the continuous improvement of market demand, intelligent transformation 

      has become an important way for China's manufacturing transformation and 

      upgrading. As a national innovation highland, the industrial automation and 

      robotics industry has entered a stage of rapid development, becoming the 

      benchmark for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing 

      industry. The shenzhen international exhibition of industrial automation and 

      robotics as a convergence of advanced products and high quality buyers 

      professional automated trading platform, relying on the shenzhen this innovative 

      highland, powerfully promote the development of intelligent manufacturing 

      industry in China.

      The exhibition scene

      It is reported that this exhibition set up five exhibition area, covers the industrial 

      robot and wisdom, the robot of artificial intelligence and automation products, 

      machine vision and non-standard equipment fabrication and assembly automation 

      and other fields, for you to build a high-end smart event.

      This exhibition, dongguan city dayan automation equipment co., LTD., brought 

      a UMINI series intelligent industrial robot, divided into series of multi-joint 

      robot and horizontal joint robot series, primarily to meet the needs of different 

      space range and appearance of choice, to guarantee the operation stability of 

      the products at the same time, also provides high accuracy and high speed 

      operation process.

      Big research UMINI series intelligent industrial robot

      Shenzhen zhongzhou intelligent technology co., LTD. The home service robot 

      "E" attracted numerous audience favorite, in view of the family service design, 

      not only can accompany children grow up, but also the good assistant of elder 

      care. Use powerful cloud database, after service for the user to push through 

      the data analysis, the content including children management, financial 

      management, management, education, entertainment, health management, 

      energy management, housekeeping management, security management, 

      advisory services in real time.

      Home service robot "little E"

      In recent years, with the rise of e-commerce, the logistics transportation 

      system technology is also developing. Ode to the exhibition, shenzhen 

      xing technology co., LTD., has brought the initiative of AGV magnetic 

      navigation scheme, AGV magnetic navigation scheme can greatly 

      shorten the customer AGV product development cycle, project time for 

      customers to win valuable market. At present, it has been used in 

      various material handling occasions and in connection with automation 


      AGV magnetic navigation robot

      In addition to the above introduction enterprise, and shenzhen city rui 

      automation technology co., LTD., China (guangzhou) intelligent 

      equipment research institute, guangdong happy face robot co., LTD., 

      and other well-known enterprises or units, brought their advanced 

      products and technologies, attracted attention.

      For the audience, the event brought together many well-known brands, 

      shows a wonderful world of industrial automation and robotics, can 

      better and more comprehensive understanding of the industry knowledge 

      and skills. In addition, we can learn new products, new technologies 

      and new technologies first, and communicate effectively with professionals 

      in the field of industrial automation.

      For exhibitors, the exhibition can be efficient and to help them get sales 

      channels and the promotion of enterprise of new products, new technology, 

      set up the brand image, and further enhance the market competitive 

      advantage. It is understood that the exhibition will help companies 

      consolidate their market position in south China and China and expand 

      potential buyers in emerging industries.

      According to "ARE ShenZhen 2017" the organizing committee, this 

      exhibition involving industrial robot machine and spare parts, wisdom 

      factory solutions, a comprehensive solution for industrial automation, 

      the robot of artificial intelligence, machine vision, sensors, non-standard 

      equipment and industrial products such as assembly line, attracted more 

      than 50 countries and regions at home and abroad of high-end buyers to 

      participate in all kinds of manufacturing enterprises.

      In addition, there will be a number of industry BBS and product promotion 

      activities during the exhibition, including buyers' purchase of the meeting, 

      the launch of new technology products, the 17th south China automation 

      peak BBS, etc. We will assist industrial transformation and innovation in 

      various fields and join hands with the industry in the development of 

      industry 4.0.