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      The full screen of smart phones: technology saving challenge capacity will be the biggest bottleneck

      2017/9/25 14:08:00View count:3228

      A wave of full-screen upsurge from apple's new iphone, iPhoneX, hit. Following 

      samsung and xiaomi's launch of a full-screen mobile phone with a full screen design, 

      other domestic phone makers have launched a full-screen advertising campaign. 

      Domestic manufacturers such as huawei, vivo, Nubia, jin li and hammers will launch 

      a new comprehensive screen with different forms and prices.

      "The full screen will be the next vents of smartphones," said luo zhongsheng, 

      chief executive of sharp. Domestic handset manufacturers with a low price, and 

      accounts for the kaoping river than "selling point" seizes the market, to the personage 

      inside course of study thinks, the industry is still in the exploration, the current is to 

      break through the radio frequency technology. In addition, in addition to mobile 

      phone manufacturer suction eye appearance, full screen technology also is another 

      great significance to promote technological change, this will drive the antenna, 

      fingerprint identification technology such as continuous upgrades, acoustic device.

      Is low price high screen ratio attractive to users?

      While samsung, sharp and xiaomi have already launched full-screen phones, the 

      full screen did not really become a market trend until apple released the iPhone X 

      on Sept. 13. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as huawei, vivo, Nubia, 

      jin li and hammers have all been able to highlight new product advertisements 

      and join the "marketing war".

      Industry sources said that the domestic mobile phone "elder brother" huawei will 

      be released on October 16, a comprehensive screen mobile phone Mate 10, which 

      adopted the huawei subsidiary haisi kirin 970 processor design, artificial intelligence, 

      information processing ability. Vivo will also hold a press conference on September 

      21 to launch the first full-screen phone, X20, with Face Wake. Jin will launch the 

      first full-screen phone, M7 Power, in Thailand on September 28.

      In addition, Nubia, hammers, and a number of people are coming out to release 

      the full screen phone. The full screen for OPPO, the domestic mobile phone, will 

      also be released later in October. All of these companies have promoted the "high 

      screen ratio" as a publicity hotspot.

      In addition, the new full-screen phones of domestic handset makers are mostly 

      below 4,000 yuan, compared with the iPhone's nearly 10,000 yuan. According to 

      jingdong mall data, the mi MIX 2 is priced at 3,333 yuan, the standard version of 

      sharp AQUOS S2 is 2,499 yuan, and the lenovo ZUK Edge L is priced at 2,499 yuan. 

      In addition, on September 20, the candy SOAP R11 full-screen mobile phone was 

      released, claiming to be the world's first full-screen mobile phone with a 3GB 32GB 

      memory combination for just 899 yuan.

      Unlike the tech scene, some consumers are relatively calm about full-screen technology. 

      Senior "apple powder" Mr. Chin said that the full screen is cool, and samsung S8 

      was waiting for the apple when it came out, and now it's time to start. Ms. Chen, 

      who has just ordered an iPhone X in Hong Kong, has a different view. "I'm not 

      focusing on the screen size, but on the full screen, whether it's visual or user 

      experience," she said. She also noted that the choice of apple is not about how 

      far ahead its full screen technology is, but how well it is used overall.

      There are also respondents who are more inclined to make domestic brands 

      such as xiaomi and vivo. "all of them say that they want to buy a play in the 

      full screen, but apple is too expensive, and domestic brands are cost-effective." 

      Lives in chaoyang district of Mr Liu also said, "if the full screen phones and PuTongJi 

      almost will consider price, if you want to spend a few thousand to screen can't 

      choose, price is low, also do not have what use."

      The antenna and other technical problems to be solved

      Full screen technology is one of the largest smartphone innovation, nearly two 

      years after the application in full screen, some traditional smartphone mature 

      technology was abandoned, the receiver, calls, front-facing camera, return key, 

      and so on all need comprehensive design, full screen behind the adoption of 

      with all kinds of technical innovation and compromise.

      In the industry view, the perfection of full screen technology will also promote 

      technological change objectively. The first one is the display panel and module, 

      compared with the current 16:9 ratio, 18:9 is the non-standard specification, 

      the panel supplier needs to rearrange production line and process optimization. 

      Compared with previous LCD screens, the current AMOLED display products 

      are still in short supply and the panel manufacturers need to improve their 

      product technology as soon as possible. In addition, the development of full 

      screen will also promote the continuous upgrading of antennas, fingerprint 

      identification, acoustic devices and other technologies.

      Xu zhiping, director of online analysis of mobile phone newspaper, told reporters 

      that the current biggest technology problem of full-screen mobile phones was on 

      the antenna, and the challenge was mainly to the effect of rf performance and 

      the reliability of the whole machine. He said, citing reports on the analysis on 

      the one hand, rf antenna in the machine bottom metallic parts with extremely 

      sensitive, for full screen screen than a large, extending to the machine bottom 

      screen module, for small antenna main is clear, the antenna design challenges 

      a lot; On the other hand, due to the larger size of the full-screen glass, the risk 

      of glass fracture exists when the whole machine falls, the environmental impact 

      and so on, and the internal structure design is more demanding.

      In addition, the full screen also challenges the layout of fingerprint identification 

      and camera. In the case of fingerprint, the majority of the full screen phones of 

      domestic brands this year will be the rear fingerprints, which may be based on 

      ultrasound in 2018, but in the long term, they are more optimistic about optical 

      fingerprints. Cameras, because now U screen cut too difficult, if you want to 

      enlarge the screen share, top section into your mobile phone display area, 

      the camera will be placed in the bottom, for camera experience will have effect.

      Despite the above breakthroughs in the overall screen technology, the industry 

      is still optimistic about the full screen mobile phone market. According to the 

      forecast WitsView, 2017 global full screen smartphone shipment size is about 

      130 million - 150 million, permeability of 10%, next year as the apple mobile 

      phone screen layout is complete, comprehensive permeability is expected to 

      achieve rapid increase to more than 30%.

      Manufacturers' industrial chain control will be tested

      The full screen trend will be beyond doubt. But the cost improvement and lack 

      of capacity will quickly become apparent. The supply capacity of each manufacturer 

      will be directly tested.

      In 2016, xiaomi's full screen mobile phone MIX was questioned due to lack of 

      stocking. This year, xiaomi founder lei jun talked about capacity problems when 

      he released the mi MIX2, and the new product launch came out with a saying, 

      "the society is my lego, people are not very good."

      Apple, an industry heavyweight, has faced doubts about the capacity of its 

      full-screen phones to run out of capacity before the launch. An analysis says 

      apple's regular iPhone 8 will be available in October, but the full spread of 

      its full-screen iPhone X will be delayed until the end of the year.

      Swarm intelligence consulting (Sigmaintell) reported that the full screen two 

      types of encapsulation process yield is relatively low, while the consumption 

      capacity play a positive role, but the cost is still relatively high, the machine 

      factory this year is expected to mainly in the high-end market. At the same 

      time, the full screen upstream resources of this year are still dominated by 

      overseas panel factories, and the full screen resources of China's mainland 

      panel factories will gradually realize mass production in the second half of 

      the year, driving the total screen volume of the whole machine factory.

      A group of intelligence consultants forecast that the total number 

      of smartphones shipped worldwide in 2017 will be about 130 million 

      to 150 million units. For many mobile phone makers offering full 

      screen products, the struggle for a limited full screen will be a fierce 

      game in the fourth quarter of this year.