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      The world's first unmanned container ship has been tested on the first unmanned container ship

      2017/10/10 15:38:00View count:3197

      On September 29, Norway Kang Shibo Maritime (Kongsberg Maritime), the world's largest fertilizer maker of Norway, the sharp group with Marin Teknikk cooperation designed and built the world's first automatic container ship "sharp Birkeland" number of model tests in the Sintef sink. The model ship is 6 meters long and weighs 2.4 tons.

      The Yara Birkeland will be the world's first fully electric feeder container ship with zero emissions. After it was completed, the ship was 80 meters wide and 15 meters wide, capable of loading 120 20-foot standard containers, normal speed of 6 knots, and total speed of 13 knots. The YARA Birkeland has a small cargo capacity, but the ship's formal operation will be a major turning point in the history of global shipping.
      According to understand, "sharp Birkeland, using their own installation of global positioning system, radar, cameras and sensors, etc., can realize avoid other ship in the waterway, dock and implementation when reach the finish line.
      The YARA Birkeland has a small cargo capacity and can only carry 100 to 150 containers. Cost of $25 million, which is about ordinary shipping cost three times, but as a result of using pure electric and unmanned design, through to save fuel and personnel costs, operating costs will save up to 90% a year.
      The Yara Birkeland is scheduled to start trial operations in the second half of 2018, with a few crew members on board. The crew will be housed in a modular unit that can be removed from a container. By 2019, it will be switched to remote operations and it is not expected to be fully autonomous until 2020.
      "Sharp Birkeland, will be responsible for the sharp Persian glen is transported in the production of factory goods to breivik and lal vic, is expected to switch to remote operation in 2019, to achieve automatic operation since 2020, when the ship will be in the Persian glen, breivik and lal vick's fully automatic navigation between ports.
      The Kang Shibo maritime will be responsible for providing "sharp Birkeland" all key needed to move technology, including the remote sensor and fully automatic operation need and integration, and electric drive, battery and propulsion control system.
      Sharp, chief executive of Svein Tore Holsether said, the new batteries unmanned container ship will help from roads to sea transport work, thus reducing noise and dust emission, improving the local road safety, reduce nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions.
      According to Yara's plan, once regulation can keep up, the company will build larger unmanned ships and even consider shipping fertilizer from the Netherlands to Brazil. If operating costs can similarly achieve similar savings, future unmanned vessels will be the lifeblood of the global shipping industry.