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      "Deepen the" walking into couplets "and draw" concentric circles "

      2020/11/20 14:40:50View count:25

      On the afternoon of November 19, Lianyungang CPPCC member, Haizhou people's Congress deputy, Haizhou District
      People's Congress legislative committee member Lianyungang City
      Cai Weimin, chairman of Jiangsu Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., participated in Huaguoshan street
      The working committee of the National People's Congress organized a concentrated activity of "deepening the" walking
      into the union "and drawing a" concentric circle ". There is a deputy to the Municipal People's Congress
      Six district level deputies to the people's Congress attended the event, and the deputies received 22 voters in the district.
      This activity has collected information on social security, social security and
      There are more than 10 opinions and suggestions on environmental cleaning, housing and school education. Opinions
      and suggestions of delegates on the feedback from voters
      Detailed records of the suggestions were made, all the on-site answers were carefully and patiently answered, and
      opinions and suggestions were collected and submitted
      The relevant departments will reply to the voters as soon as possible. This activity has a deep understanding of what
      voters are looking forward to and anxious for,
      It is a vivid embodiment of the people's congress deputies at all levels listening to the voice of the people and gathering
      their wisdom. It puts forward high-quality reports for the NPC's deliberation at the beginning of next year
      It is suggested that we should make preparations for the motion.